Take refuge from stress, reclaim your peace, and take care of your body and mind inside a peaceful sauna sanctuary. There’s no unbearable heat. Enveloped in gentle, therapeutic infrared warmth, you’ll love how you feel during and after your session.

  • Highest quality and quantity infrared available
  • Sunlighten patented SoloCarbon® 3 in 1® infrared, proven 99% effective
  • 3 precise wavelengths (near, mid and far) best absorbed by the body
  • Clinically-proven to raise core body temperature 3 ̊
  • Surrounded in beautiful, all-natural, non-toxic wood
  • Ultra-low EMF technology


Near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths help you feel even more amazing after a massage, facial, workout, or even as a stand-alone treatment. The health benefits increase with regular use over time.

Select one of six health programs and know the warmth you feel is delivering what you need because Sunlighten’s mPulse sauna delivers precise combinations of near, mid, and far wavelengths at the optimal dosage for each health focus, based on clinical studies.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna – Cardio Session

Heart Health: Sunlighten’s far infrared technology has been clinically proven to temporarily reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

  • 45 min – $45
  • Red Light/Near, Mid and Far Infrared
  • Starts at a high intensity to increase heart rate and cardiac output, then lowers to sustain
    heart rate level. Circulation increases to promote healthy blood pressure.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna – Detoxification Session

Infrared waves penetrate at the cellular level to help eliminate toxic heavy metals, drug residues, and hormone disruptors. It also helps with lymphatic drainage and supports the body’s detox systems.

  • 37 min – $35
  • Mid and Far Infrared
  • Starts at a high intensity to increase the body’s core temperature, then reduces to a lower
    intensity level. Mid and far infrared combination improves vascular access flow to reach
    toxicants at the cellular level.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna – Pain Relief Session

  • 30 min – $30
  • Red Light/Near, Mid and Far Infrared
  • A far and mid infrared blend provides natural pain relief by reducing inflammation and
    swelling while near infrared penetrates the tissue promoting cellular repair at a medium,
    constant intensity level.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna – Relaxation Session

  • 40 min – $40
  • Red Light/Near, Mid and Far Infrared
  • Far, mid, and red light/near infrared combination induces deep relaxation as it relieves
    muscle tension at a low, comfortable intensity, promoting overall stress reduction.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna – Weight Loss Session

Raising core body temperature can increase circulation similar to cardio exercise, stimulate metabolism, and help eliminate toxins that cause fat storage, making your session a great support to weight management.

  • 30 min – $30
  • Mid and Far Infrared
  • Starts at high intensity to stimulate the cardiovascular system, then reduces to medium
    level. As the body works to cool itself, heart rate increases cardiac output and metabolic
    rate, like aerobic exercise.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna – Anti-Aging Session

The near infrared LED light therapy panel helps stimulate cell growth and rejuvenate skin. Sweat also helps skin appearance as pores open from the deeper sweat induced by our infrared light therapy.

  • 30 min – $30
  • Red Light/Near, Mid and Far Infrared
  • A low, constant intensity level penetrates the body and cells absorb the light energy to
    help skin health. Red light/near infrared improves overall skin tone, elasticity and firmness,
    promoting anti-aging benefits.

Sunlighten 3 in 1 Infrared Sauna – Custom Session

  • Varies
  • Red Light/Near, Mid and Far Infrared
  • Gives you full control of each heater, allowing you to maximize the infrared power, output,
    and intensity of each session.
  • $30