Health Assessment and Bioenergetic Balancing

Naturopathy services encompass a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on natural remedies and techniques to support wellness. Three key components of Dr. Applings approach to helping his patients are Iridology, Body Specific Analysis and Orthomolecular Nutrition. Dr. Appling uses a combination of muscle testing, Iridology and PH Analysis to identify and correct imbalances in the body. The analysis and therapeutic bioenergetic work encompass structural/physical, nutritional/chemical, mental/emotional, and spiritual/energetic well-being. After his assessment, Dr. Appling will advise on nutritional supplementation and diet modifications to help guide you to better health. Jason Appling, ND is a very caring and compassionate Naturopath and is dedicated to helping his patients reach their health goals.

  • First time clients $95
  • Existing clients $80

Health Consult w/Iridology and PH Analysis

Iridology is a unique diagnostic technique used in naturopathy that involves examining the patterns, colors, and textures of the iris to gain insights into a person’s overall health and potential imbalances within the body. Practitioners believe that different areas of the iris correspond to specific organs and parts of the body, allowing them to assess a person’s overall health status. By analyzing the iris, iridologists aim to identify potential weaknesses or areas of concern, which can help guide personalized treatment plans to restore balance and promote well-being.

  • First time clients $95
  • Existing clients $80

Emotional Chakra Balancing with Bach Flower Remedy

Trapped emotions and trauma exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute pain and illness. Neutralizing these frequencies through energy reflex testing makes conditions right for your body to heal. Each session includes a customized blend of Bach flower essences.

  • $85

Parasite Frequency Detox Machine

The Parasite Frequency machine is a strategically designed to target and kill parasites living in the the body that often come from pets and undercooked meat. This is a 3 hour session that consists of 7 cycles conducted through silver rods. This is a very gentle, yet effective parasite detox.

  • $150

Ionic Foot Bath

Gently pulls toxins through your feet to detoxify and cleanse your body of impurities and free radicals. While your feet soak in the ionic foot bath, decades of stored toxins are released into the water causing it to change colors. The main health benefits of the ionic footpath treatment include reducing inflammation, poisons, toxins and heavy metals that are stored in the body. This is a great treatment to add to your health regime.

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  • $45
Jason Appling, ND
Doctor of Naturopathy
Diplomate of Body Specific Analysis


Jason Appling, ND has a holistic practice that encompasses structural/physical, nutritional/chemical, mental/emotional, and spiritual/energetic well-being. Over the last 25 years, Jason has studied Martial arts, Clinical Massage Therapy, functional Strength Training , Body Specific Analysis, and Iridology. Since 2015 Jason has been a student of Dr. Robin Hyman, founder of Body Specific Analysis. He studied and worked over 2 years alongside Ruben Swartz, a renowned Iridologist and herbalist. Jason achieved his title Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health in 2017. Jason Appling, ND is a very caring and compassionate Holistic Naturopath who is dedicated to helping his clients reach their optimal health goals.


Jason has changed my life. I came to him 3 months about “dead” at 31. I have been a chronic sufferer of endometriosis and had a full hysterectomy a year ago. After that I became so mentally and physically drained and I went to a medical doctor more times than I could count just to hear “you are completely fine, we just need to put you on an anxiety/depression medication!” I had every test know to man just to hear it was all in my head, which is so debilitating especially for a person that has always been full of life and energy. I knew something wasn’t right no matter what I was told. After that I started to do my own research and a lot of my symptoms pointed to adrenal fatigue. DESPERATE for relief I found Jason via Google and called him. At that point I didn’t know what to expect because I have never seen a holistic doctor. He assured me over the phone that he could help me. This after suffering from chronic pain, tiredness, brain fog, heart palpitations and more was so comforting to hear. I scheduled my apt the next day and he got me in and started a treatment plan right away, I have now been seeing him for 3 months and when I say I am blown away I MEAN IT! I went from being so exhausted I could barley go to work to being a full functioning person and THEN SOME! I also had a 4.8cm ovarian cyst that I was pressured into having surgery to fix and Jason’s orthomolecular therapy healed my cyst and my hormones are on their way to being balanced. I have told everyone I know about my experience and I hope anyone not feeling like their self will give him a chance because I know without a doubt he can help you too! I am beyond thankful for the care I’ve received! His pricing is also very fair, he cares more about healing you as a person then the money.

Cassie Barbee

If I could give 10 stars I absolutely would. I had been battling with my stomach since 2018 and nothing the doctors ever prescribed ever helped. Then I went to see Dr. Appling and two days later my stomach issues subsided. I call it a miracle!!!! I am so amazed. I have always leaned towards natural remedies but taking charge of my health through Dr. Appling has been life changing.

Marlene Kujawa

Highly recommend Jason Appling! Jason helped me out- through just a few tests, he was able to determine specifically what can help me reach my health goals. He gave me a clear picture of my current health and guidance going forward. I’m excited to follow the tips given, have regular checkups, and overall improve my quality of living!

Alex Varson