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MediCupping™ Services

  • Medical Massage

    Medical Massage therapy focuses on the problematic issues relating to musculoskeletal issues causing chronic and acute pain.

    • $7545
  • MediCupping™ Body Cocoon

    This treatment moves stagnant lymph fluid and helps eliminate solid bloat and toxicity. Essential oil blends are integrated for optimal results. Face lifting and draining is included in all wraps. For best results a series of 8 treatments, 2 times a week is recommended. 

    • $9560 minutes
    • $6658 - 90 minutes sessions
  • Face Lifting & Drainage

    With use of Medicupping this treatment will help to drain excess fluid out of swollen areas in the face, relieve sinuses, smooth fine lines, increase the tone of collagen fibers of the skin, and improve the vitality and natural glow of your face.

    • $3530 minutes
  • Magnetic MicroCupping

    • $15No additional time
  • MediCupping™ Therapy

    A results oriented therapy utilizing cups to create negative pressure. This treatment reduces inflammation, mobilizes stagnation, relieves pain, lessens adhesions, softens scar tissue, increases lymph drainage, helps with solid bloat, eliminates debris/toxins, pre- and post surgery recovery, and much much more! Massage cupping uses manual cups and Medicupping uses a therapeutic grade machine with multiple modes and variant suction levels.

    • $7545 minutes.
    • $15Cupping Add On