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Bodywork Services

  • Iridology

    A study of the eye to evaluate where the body needs nutritional attention. Parasite testing available upon request.

    • $4530 minute
  • Prenatal Massage

    Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Specially-designed massage tables, cushions, and side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen.

    • $7060 minutes
    • $3530 minutes
  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is a technique that focuses on specific pressure points within your feet to help correct energy flows throughout your body.

    • $7060 minutes
    • $5545 minutes
    • $4030 minutes
  • Neuromuscular Massage

    Neuromuscular Therapy uses a variety of trigger point techniques to provide a deep and lasting relaxation of your muscular problems.

    • $7060 minutes
    • $4030 minutes
  • Signature Massage

    A specifically tailored massage using a variety of techniques and pressure to relax,relieve pain , and bring you back in balance.

    • $9590 minutes
    • $6560 minutes
    • $3530 minutes
  • Stress Relief Massage

    Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair with your clothes on. It is excellent for relaxation and more, depending on the techniques used by your massage therapist.

    • $1520 minutes
  • 2 Hour Therapeutic Massage

    Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.

    • $140120 minutes
  • Couples Signature Massage

    Massage oil or cream is used with smooth, gliding strokes. Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits. It is a classic massage that will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation.

    • $14060 minutes
    • $20090 minutes
  • Hot Stone Massage

    Smooth stones are heated and then lubricated with oil or essential oils, the therapeutic effects of heat are used to relax muscles more deeply. Used as an extension of the therapist’s hands, the use of massage stones induces deep relaxation and provides a unique experience many find to be tremendously calming and centering.

    • $11090 minutes
  • Myofascial Release

    Myofascial Release uses specific techniques to stretch and repair the connective issue between your muscles (fascia). MFR helps your body heal properly from injuries and can restore range of motion. We recommend women bring a sports bra and loose-fitting shorts or a two piece bathing suit. Men need to bring a pair of loose-fitting shorts.

    • $12090 minutes